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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Again: Al Jazeera English Streaming Feed

I won't be up this early and I'll be in and out today (Sunday) so I'm setting up a pre-scheduled post once again linking to Al Jazeera English's streaming video. If like me you don't get Al Jazeera English on cable I want to make available this running commentary, despite Egypt's crackdown on them. I'll check in through the day as I can. A long scheduled gathering today associated with my wife's birthday last week may mean I won't be able to post instantly, but I should still be able to check in.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera English:

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David Mack said...

Thanks, Mike. This is very useful. I've been talking with both Aljazeera English and Arabic, although both times I was already engaged when they called me for an interview. I told their people in Doha and Washington that they were doing great work and hoped that Obama Administration would start providing them more officials for interviews.