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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Note About MEI's Twitter Feed

It looks like a wild day tomorrow in Cairo. I wanted to remind everyone that while I don't tweet independently of this blog (too talkative to keep to 140 characters), every post to this blog has its headline posted to the Middle East Institute feed, @MiddleEastInst. Following can save you having to check this page. And of course there's the RSS Feed. I may be posting at odd times and through the weekend, and if you aren't already following the MEI tweets, you ought to be since they also let you now about upcoming events and all.

Other resources for tomorrow (I'll omit the Egyptian media as they may be blocked):

The British-based blog Enduring America has been doing a fabulous job of aggregating video, still pics, and liveblogging of events in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.

On Facebook, for English sites, the We Are All Khaled Said site is very active, though there are many.

On Twitter, #Jan25, #Egypt, @Alshaheeed, @Dima-Khatib, @bencnn, @arabist, are good places to start. Many activists have lost access or may be detained.

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