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Thursday, August 4, 2011

And Now, Baluchi Mercenaries in Bahrain

Bruce Riedel in The National Interest  discusses how the Bahraini government is hiring Baluchi "mercenaries" in Pakistan — retired soldiers and police — to serve in the police and Bahrain Defense Force. So, following the earlier Saudi/UAE intervention, Bahrain is importing still more Sunnis, these not even Arab, to control its restive Shi‘a majority. Not a good sign.


David Mack said...

The Al Khalifa might do well to read up on the history of the late Roman Empire. At some point, the Baluch are likely to get tired of doing their dirty work and install their own favored successor as King, or better, Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Baluchi forces have been the backbone of the Bahraini security forces for some time. They constituted the black clad special security force that figured prominently in the late 1990's troubles. And were also part of regular army units.

Since then recruitment has been expanded to Jordan and Syria with a lot of the former coming from bedouin from Maan/Petra region.