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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Egypt's Campaign in North Sinai

Is there anything that both the Israeli Government and Hamas agree upon? Why yes: they both are supportive of Egypt's current military operations in Northern Sinai.

In the wake of a series of bombings of Egyot's gas pipeline to Israel, an outburst of militant violence recently in al-‘Arish, and the apperarance of flyers in Rafah claiming to speak for "Al-Qa‘da in Sinai," Egyptian Army units have moved into northern Sinai, restoring order and arresting militants.

Egypt had to obtain prior consent from Israel, since under the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, eastern Sinai is demilitarized. Hamas in Gaza reportedly has also approved the operation.

There are also reports that Ramzi Muhammad al-Mowafi, "the chemist," a former personal doctor of Usama bin Laden, escaped from prison during the Revolution, and has since been spotted operating in Sinai.

Leftwing activist Hossam al-Hamalawy has wondered if this is a "Wag the Dog" operation to increase support for the Army; noting that as recently as June, the Head of the National Security Sector (State Security's replacement) told reporters there were no al-Qa‘ida supporters anywhere in Egypt. (Report at link is in Arabic.)

But there's no doubt that her has been escalating violence in Sinai, the bloodshed in al-‘Arish, and the attacks on the pipeline, and that Islamist militants of some variety are involved. Nor is Mowafi believed to be the only militant to have escaped prison in January.

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