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Monday, August 15, 2011

No Longer a Show Trial

I've already noted that it was a good sign that the Mubarak trial was being conducted, not by some drumhead revolutionary tribunal, but in the regular civilian court system. Now (to his credit in my opinion), Judge Ahmad Rifaat has banned further television coverage of the proceedings after what was apparently a rather chaotic session. He's also merged the trial with that of ex-Interior Minister Habib al-‘Adly and adjourned it till September 5.

So people got to see the old man in a cage, but now the show part of the trial is over, at least until sentencing.

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David Mack said...

Agree that this is a desirable turn of events, provided the court allows the print media to follow the case freely. What Egypt does not need is a repeat of the awful circus trial of Saddam Hussein. Many of the Iraqis involved in trying and executing Saddam ended up appearing barbaric and vengeful. Unlike Mubarak, Saddam was a world class tyrant with little to say in his favor, but he showed more dignity than many of those responsible for his conviction and execution.