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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fall of (Most of) Tripoli

My vacation, combined with the fact that "free WiFi" in certain mountain areas appears to mean "every so often" has meant that a running commentary on the dramatic events in Tripoli hasn't been practical (and I've got better things to do than work), but clearly the speed of events has been far faster than anyone, I'm pretty sure including the rebels themselves, could have anticipated. Except for a few parts of Tripoli, and the inland oasis of Sebha, and the Qadhafi stronghold of Sirte, the victory seems nearly complete.

Of course as long as there are still loyalists, and Brother Leader himself, out there, the drama isn't over. I will post longer comments next week. My pre-prepared posts should continue to appear.

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Bob said...

It's these sort of erudite posts that keep me coming back again and again to your blog.