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Friday, August 19, 2011

Rumor of the Day: Venezuelan Plane in Djerba to Evacuate Qadhafi Family?

Xinhua, the Chinese news agency, is quoting a Tunisian radio station as reporting that a Venezuelan plane has arrived on the southern Tunisian island of Djerba, in order to evacuate members of the Qadhafi family to Caracas.

A Qadhafi departure may still be wishful thinking, but the rumors are certainly intensifying. Of course, Hugo Chavez' own future is looking a little cloudy at the moment, too.

UPDATE: I may have called this the "rumor of the day" too quickly. as it's also rumored that 1) Qadhafi had a heart attack; 2) Qadhafi has a terminal illness; 3) former number two man ‘Abdel Salam Jallud has gone over to the rebels. Allegedly some rebel Facebook page has a picture of Jallud in the Jebel Nefusa, so that one might even be true.

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