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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gary Sick on US Response to Iran

Gary Sick weighs in on the US sanctions move as a response to the Iran/Turkey/Brazil initiative: "Giving the Finger to Iran (and Turkey and . . .)"

Read it all, but here are some of the points:
The Iranian hardliners had already begun asking questions about the deal, fearful that Iran had given away too much. Now they don’t have to worry since everyone knows that Iran will never be willing or able to negotiate under the threat of sanctions.

For the Revolutionary Guards it is a huge bonus. As foreign companies are driven away, the Guards progressively take over more and more of the economy. And as restrictions on trade grow, so do their opportunities to manage the immensely profitable smuggling routes. Like their American counterparts, but for different reasons, they thrive on an environment of threat and isolation.

The presidents of Turkey and Brazil have been humiliated. But the Great Powers are confident that their lesser cousins know their place and will show deference when the chips are down. They’ll do what they have to do. They always do.

Don’t they… ?
But do read it all.

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