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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The New National Security Strategy

The new version of The National Security Strategy of the United States 2010 (link is to the PDF on the White House website) was previewed at the Brookings Institution today and has been written up in the press; (NYT here) (WaPo here). I plan to post my own comments, probably tomorrow, after a more careful read. Meanwhile, here are some early takes:

Secetary of State Hillary Clinton's presentation of the document at Brookings.

Brookings responses: Bruce Jones, Michael O'Hanlon, and Bruce Riedel offer their responses.

Around the other think tanks and blogs: Marc Lynch on Al-Qa‘ida in the NSS; Andrew Exum's comments here; plus this release containing comments from the whole range of experts at CNAS.

More from me later or tomorrow.

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