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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Qifa Nabki on Miss USA

Whenever something rather absurd involving Lebanon transpires (which is to say, fairly often), blogger Qifa Nabki — who most of the time is a fairly serious analyst — puts on his satirical cap, and he's usually quite good. While my own take on the right-wing alarm over the new Miss USA being labeled a Hizbullah mole was, I hope, suitably tongue-in-cheek, he tops me quite easily with a wonderful play on Rimah Fakih's name. Her surname — Fakih, but properly Faqih — means a religious jurist, and the principle Imam Khomeini imposed for the governance of the Islamic Republic is called velayet-e faqih (Arabic, wilayat al-faqih), and she's a Lebanese Shi‘ite. So Qifa spins it as "Heterodox Feminist Millenarian Group Pins Hopes for Armageddon on Miss USA Win." [Sorry. Had wrong link for some days. Now fixed.] It's absurd, but funnier than I was. And I think many male Mideast bloggers are probably paying so much attention because we so rarely have a valid excuse to link to cheesecake swimsuit pictures on Middle East blogs.

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