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Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Read it Here First

This exchange already occurred in the comments of another post, but deserves to be shared. The Christian Science Monitor ran a piece a couple of days ago on "Surfing the Blue Line between Israel and Hizbollah."

My commenter presumably thought I'd find it interesting, and indeed I do.

Interesting, but old news. Jesse Aizenstat, aka Abu Guerrilla of the Blogging the Casbah blog, was noted here for his surfing posts on Israel and Lebanon back in December and yet again in January.

Congratulations on his forthcoming book and on his getting the notice of the mainstream media. But you read it here first.

And the CSM article didn't seem to mention his blog.

Oh, and while I don't want to rub it in (well, maybe just a little), the Monitor article also carries this correction: "
Editor's note: The original photo caption misidentified Imad Mughniyeh as Khaled Mashal."

Yeah, they're easy to confuse. All men with beards look alike. Except one of them's dead. And one's Sunni and one's Shi‘ite. And they are from different organizations and countries. Other than that, though . . .

Umm, not so much.

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