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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fi Kulli Shari‘ Biladi, Sawt al-Hurriya Biynadi

"In every street of my country, the voice of freedom is calling!" One of the first folk anthems of the Revolution of 2011. It helps to know Egyptian Arabic, but there are English subtitles.


David Mack said...

Thanks, Mike. It's almost enough to make a romantic revolutionary from even this jaded old diplomat.

One nitpick. I am pretty sure that the title refrain is "Fi Kulli Shari' Biladi, Sudah Hurriya Biynadi," in every street of my country, an echo of freedom is calling. (Sad dal alif maqsurah = sudah)

Michael Collins Dunn said...


At first I thought you might be right -- either could account for the translation in the subtitles -- but the YouTube video is actually entitled Sawt al-Hurriya in Arabic script.