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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Egypt's Military Council: The Names

Two and a half weeks after Egypt's Supreme Military Council stepped in to push Mubarak out, they have finally published a list of their 20 members. The list in Arabic is here, Besides Defense Minister Tantawi and the heads of each of the services, it includes the commanders of the military districts, the field armies, the border guards, and four Deputy Ministers of Defense. I'll try to put up a fuller analysis this evening.

I know they're keeping a low profile, but why did it take this long to get a list of the members of the body running the country?

Zeinobia has some profiles in English.


aron said...

Who appoints a deputy minister of defense -- president, prime minister, minister of defense himself?

Anonymous said...

Well, the list of the EMC members was published in Al-Shouruk newspaper next day after Mubarak's resignation