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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Syria: Omari Mosque in Deraa Raided by Army?

Right now the growing protests in Syria are centered in the southern city of Deraa, where several died the other day and protests have been growing. Tonight (actually about 1:30 am Syrian time), twitter posts are claiming the Syrian Army has attacked the ancient Omari Mosque in the city, with at least five more dead and many injured. The mosque had been a rallying point and improvised hospital for the protesters.

I still think that Syria will be much harder to shake than Tunisia or Egypt. But if the Syrians start to get really rough, Deraa could be the next Sidi Bouzid.


Shena said...

It is Syria’s turn, although so far the protests seem limited to Deera.

Michael Collins Dunn said...

The violence has been limited to Deraa but there've been demonstrations in Damascus, Aleppo, Baniyas, Deir al-Zor and Qamishli at least.