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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Musa Kusa

The decamping to Britain of Libyan Foreign Minister and longtime Qadhafi loyalist Musa Kusa is a blow to the regime, despite its considerable successes on the battlefield. And Al Jazeera is saying that several other key officials are trying to make their exit.

Of course, the loss yet again of Ras Lanuf and Brega by the rebels will somewhat diminish their joy at Kusa's defection. But however triumphant Qadhafi may be feeling must also be tempered (if he's capable of tempered emotion) by the close aides who have bailed on him.

(Oh, yes, he apparently can't find a Libyan to be Libya's Ambassador to the UN, so he's named a Nicaraguan Sandinista.)

Oh, yes: Miguel d'Escoto is a former Maryknoll Catholic priest. Obviously the right choice for Libya's UN Ambassador. No wonder the Foreign Minister defected.

If it weren't for the horrific bloodshed and rapes, it would be ludicrous.

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