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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day in Tahrir

An account by Ursula Lindsey of the confrontations between the International Women's Day demonstrators in Midan al-Tahrir in Cairo today and their male hecklers, some of whom drove demonstrators from the square.

Sadly, it's s reminder that the political victories of the past few weeks, though supported by men and women acting together, have done more for political reform than for gender equality. The proposed amendments to the constitution are so phrased that while they open up candidacies for the presidency, they still don't envision any President who isn't a male. Harassment on the streets of Cairo is notorious, though surprising numbers of Egyptian males deny it's an issue. Revolution or no revolution, the women of Egypt, though among the earliest activists in the Arab world, still are facing frustrations.

Final thought: Don't any of these men have daughters?

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