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Friday, April 15, 2011

On Hats: No. Surely Not.

As I shut down for the weekend I looked back over today's posts about Qadhafi's strange motorcade and Zahi Hawass' latest line of clothing. Two seemingly unrelated subjects. I was struck by something I hadn't noticed before:

Is it possible? I know the colors differ, but could Qadhafi have ordered one of these?

Could the two largest egos in North Africa be converging?

And while we're on the issue of BIG QUESTIONS, note that profits from the Zahi Hawass hat (no royalties to Indiana Jones, no sir) were going to the "Suzanne Mubarak Children's Museum" in Cairo. It does have a Facebook page, but its website no longer works. I'm guessing it has a new name.

When it comes to hats, though, I'm still going to go with Southern Sudan's President Salva Kiir's famous black Stetson, which I wrote about at some length back in January:

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