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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is the Sound of One Hand Not Clapping Any More?

One of the mantras of the revolution in Egypt was "The Army and the People Are One Hand," meaning essentially working hand in hand for the same goal. Recent Military Council decrees — limiting any demonstration that could effect economic health, limiting strikes, narrowing the limits of political life, the still not fully resolved issues of what happened to demonstrators, and particularly women, at the Museum on March 9 — have alienated many of the young revolutionaries. This could mean a lot or a little depending on the Army's response, but last night some of the young Egyptian activists started a new Twitter hashtag, #ExposeTheArmy.

The Military Council's aloof and somewhat removed style so far (its decrees go out on Facebook and sometimes a Major General comes out and answers questions, but the Field Marshal and other senior commanders generally only meet with foreign dignitaries), this is not a good omen. Tahrir Square is still there, and the revolutionaries are still suspicious.

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