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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thoughts on the Fatah-Hamas Deal

 I haven't said anything about the Fatah-Hamas deal because it's very early to judge its full implications. The Egyptians are going to help implement it, but whether the deal will hold and a national unity government can be formed remains to be seen. Israel is saying it won't talk to a government that includes Hamas, but the two sides weren't really talking anyway. Fatah is saying Mahmoud ‘Abbas would continue to lead the peace talks, but that may not be enough.

Also, what does Hamas get? If it gets to name the Prime Minister, that would move Salam Fayyad, who's the favorite of the US and Europeans, out of that job, though he could still run the West Bank economy. Given the stasis in the peace process, this deal could prove a positive step or a negative one. Or just another short-lived "reconciliation" that falls apart quickly.

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