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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Clinically Dead" Mubarak is All Better Now?

Apparently he was dead yesterday but he got better. He's "conscious and stable. He's not mechanically ventilated."

So what irresponsible tabloid was it that proclaimed him "clinically dead" yesterday? Why, just the official state news agency, MENA. Of course I can't be sure he's really conscious; this condition might prove as transient as his death proved to be.

I empathize with the ailing man, but is it any wonder that many protesters are assuming that the whole Mubarak-is-dying interlude is an attempt to divert attention from the outrage over the dissolution of Parliament?  Just because you're a conspiracy theorist doesn't mean they're not plotting against you.

UPDATE: Now he just slipped and fell in the bathroom.  Next: just a hangnail all along?

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