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Monday, June 4, 2012

Spiegel on Israel's German Subs, Nukes

 Der Spiegel has an in-depth report (English version here) on Germany's role in providing Israel with submarines, and asserts that the subs carry nuclear-capable cruise missiles. It's a detailed account, with much detail on the history of German (and formerly, West German)-Israeli defense cooperation.

Though it asserts the nuclear capability of the subs, of course no official, German or Israeli, is likely to confirm that on the record, not while Israel continues its official "ambiguity" about its nuclear arsenal.

On the other hand, the assumption the subs, which are known to have cruise missile capability, may carry  nukes on those missiles, is hardly headline news. The subs are widely seen as Israel's "second strike" capability, the deterrent against anyone launching a pre-emptive nuclear attack aimed at neutralizing Israel's land-based nukes.

Does anyone think this articles appearance at this time is purely coincidence, and has nothing to do with Iran?


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