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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Election Day at the Cap d'Or

 Ahram Online has a piece in which a reporter spent Saturday, the first day of the runoff elections, interviewing patrons at the Cap d'Or, a semi-baladi bar in Cairo.  Surprise, surprise! Utterly astonishing discovery: people who hang out in bars don't vote for the Muslim Brotherhood.

I link to this mostly for the (non-Ikhwan) old Cairo hands who may know the Cap d'Or. The article says its been there over 100 years; I can personally attest that it's been there for 40.

An observation: this short article in which most of the patrons support Ahmad Shafiq (out of fear the Brotherhood will close their local bar) spells Shafiq as "Shaqif," "Shafig," and "Shaifq," as well as the correct way. Guys, it's okay to write the first draft during the field research, but proofread it once you sober up,

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