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Friday, June 29, 2012

For a Landmark Moment for Egypt and Egyptians: The National Anthem

I may or may not post over the weekend, but tomorrow is a landmark day even if, like me, you are not totally happy with the results of Egypt's elections. Egyptians have elected a President in a tight competitive race, and he is a civilian. Tomorrow, in theory, SCAF "gives up power" to the elected President. We all know how many asterisks and conditions are attached to that statement, but it is still a turning point for Egypt and for the Arab world. None of us know what the Muslim Brotherhood will do, or what SCAF will do, or what will happen next. But something has happened that we have not seen before.

As someone with a lot of personal concern for Egypt and Egyptians, I choose to hope for the best.So for the first time since February 11, 2011, when Husni Mubarak resigned, I think it's appropriate to play the anthem, Sayed Darwish's Biladi, Biladi, Biladi (My Country, My Country, My Country). You can find the Arabic and English lyrics through my earlier post.

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