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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Exploding Tire Explanation Revisited

Okay, I'm still not convinced. Based on that picture, I still don't see how you get there from an overinflated tire. (Or else maybe I'll just stop riding buses.) But I should give the other side their argument: here's a piece in The National (UAE) arguing that it could, indeed, have been caused by a bus tire under high pressure. (Link was previously wrong, now fixed.) As I say, I'm not sold yet, but I'll let the experts have their day in court here as well.

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alle said...

Link returns back to a MEI blog post.

The latest official explanation, as I've heard, is that the tire exploded which then set off the gas tank. I'll admit that's a lot more credible, but I guess the government has already lost the media battle...