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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Blog by Al-Farabi and Others

You may recall "Al-Farabi," an American blogger operating from Damascus who started a short-lived blog called Dispatch from Damascus a while back. Well, he and several other bloggers are now in a group blog called Blogging the Casbah, and he's asked if I'd call your attention to both the new blog and the post "Asad's Secret Speech." Mission accomplished. I will delete "Dispatch from Damascus" from the blogroll, and add "Blogging the Casbah." According to their profiles, the bloggers are Al-Farabi (whom I met recently but whose identity, of course, I will not divulge), Al-Salibi (described as an Editor based in Bethlehem; "Salibi," if not a proper name, means "Crusader"); "Abu Guerilla," an "intellectual insurgent for peace," based in California; "Wastafarian," a media type based in the US (the name is a complex pun, I presume, from Arabic wasta (influence, clout) and Rastafarian); and "The Rooster," who appears to be both a political scientist and a natural scientist based in San Diego.

They mostly seem to be in their twenties. It could be a blog worth watching.


Jesse Aizenstat said...

Yeah, it could be.... Ha, Thank you for the plug.

Michael Collins Dunn said...

And good luck to you. I'm still new enough at this that I want to encourage new Mideast blogs. And Al-Farabi and I have had some good interchanges.

Jesse Aizenstat said...

Sure. Blogging in my experience is not a money making adventure; rather a literal orgy of information and a great way to stay plugged into the matrix of all things Middle East.

We do a lot of serious stuff on the Casbah. But we also do this:


I'm working on the book.

Thanks again.