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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Surfing with Nasrallah"

Following the earlier post about the blog Blogging the Casbah, I've received a comment from co-blogger Abu Guerilla that not all of their posts are necessarily all that serious, and referring to the post last July entitled "surfing with Nasrallah."

UPDATE: Sorry, till I read the comments I didn't realize the link was wrong. Now it's fixed.

I therefore refer you there without further comment.


Jesse Aizenstat said...

More laughs... Thanks for the interest. I actually did a whole trip: Surfing the Blue Line: From northern Israel to southern Lebanon.

Of course, I had to "go around" by land, with a surfboard, two passports and a general glee for talking off muhaberat dudes.

I'm working on the book.

Jesse Aizenstat said...

Oops, here is the actual link to the post: