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Friday, December 11, 2009

Hariri Wins Confidence Vote

Sa‘d al-Hariri's new government, which includes just about everybody, has won its confidence vote by 122 votes out of total 128 (though only 124 were present and voting). That is, the Daily Star says, a record confidence vote. There were four absentees, one abstention, and only one negative vote, Nicolas Fattoush from the Zahle region:
Fattoush addressed Hariri by saying: "When I met with you, you told me that those objecting on designating me as minister were the president, Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea, and Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel. I asked you then whether you object on designating me and you answered that you have allies whom you can't abandon. I then answered: You have abandoned me."

"My brothers in March 14 have tusks that are harsher than the tusks of wolves," said Fattoush, slamming his previous allies.
"The tusks of wolves?" I need to look up the Arabic there, as I wasn't aware wolves had tusks, even in Lebanon. But at least Lebanon has a government at last.

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