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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Early Takes on Rouhani's Win

It's father's day weekend so I'll hold my own comments till Monday. Nor is the Rouhani (Rowhani, Ruhani, Rohani, etc.) first-round win the only weekend news, but it's the most surprising. Meanwhile, early takes from others:

Farideh Farhi, "Iranians Vote for Hope and a Change of Course."

Shaul Bakhash for the Wilson Center, "Rouhani's Surprise Election."

Scott Peterson at CSM, "Hassan Rohani is Iran's Next President. What Will Change?."


The World Around Me said...

By taking a moderate conservative stance Rouhani has opened himself up to domestic threats but opened up the possibility of forming many solid allies. It will be very interesting to see this unfold.

wohnungsraeumung said...
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