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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Turkish Game Show Host Turns Show into Protest

There have been many complaints and not a few jokes about the Turkish mainstream media's relative silence about the demonstrations (CNN Türk famously ran a documentary about penguins at the height of the protests). Well, a Turkish game show host found a way around the silence. crafting questions whose answers were references to the protests. See Robert Mackey's post, "Civil Disobedience on a Turkish game show", and then read Zeynep Tufekci's detailed blogpost listing all the answers. It wasn't subtle:
31-The thing that is referred to in Article 28th of the Turkish Constitution as “Free and Cannot be Censored”: PRESS
32-The communication medium defined by Nezihe Meriç as “A dragon with a thousand heads”: MEDIA
33-An action that means the same thing as approval: SILENCE
34-Limiting the freedom of press, communication, film or books by government: CENSORSHIP
35-The person who is supposed to learn about an event and write about in various outlets: JOURNALIST
36-The microblog and social network site that has been described as a “curse”: TWITTER
37-The person Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said should “write his/her thoughts freely”: JOURNALIST
38-Person who tries to kiss up to power: BROWN NOSER
39-The state of being able to resist power or injustice but being quiet: COWARDICE
40-The branch that is held on to by people after being abandoned by mainstream media: SOCIAL MEDIA
No, not subtle at all:
64-The person who is trying to actualize his/her ideas, thoughts: ÇAPULCU (LOOTER which is what the Prime Minister called the protesters)
65-A town in Hatay that is famous for its baths: REYHANLI (where a bombing was followed by press censorship)
66-A person that concentrates all political power: DICTATOR
67-A person who serves for money: SERVANT
68-A ruling system in which executive power can act independent of judiciary: PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM (internal Turkish political transition discussion)
69-To voluntarily give up a position: RESIGN
70-The act that makes a person bigger by asking to be forgiven for wrong actions: APOLOGIZE

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