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Friday, June 21, 2013

For a Little Light Humor for Friday...

The Pan-Arabian Enquirer, an Onion-like website ("About Us: Is it real? No. It's made up. All of it.") offers us "In Pictures: Inside the Taliban's Plush New Qatar Offices," which imagines the Taliban offices in Doha as they would look if designed on Gulf shopping mall or office park lines:

“Interaction is a central theme of the building, with several large open-plan areas where radical extremists can sit and share ideas regarding the toppling of decadent Western principles, perhaps over an organic muffin or cup of fairtrade coffee from one of the several pop-up cafes scattered throughout.”

Do take a look at the rest.

1 comment:

Al Moxtar said...

I don't know if I ought to be relieved or vexed that their pan-Arabism stops west of Egypt :)

Good find, I'm looking for their first faux-news making it to the mainstream.