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Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Call for Punditry on Iran: It's Election Day

Iranian election day is here, and despite all the non-free and non-fair aspects, it has turned into something of a three-way race. Not being all that much of an Iran expert I've been linking to others. Unless this goes o a runoff, these are among the last pundit analyses before the vote.

At Foreign Policy, Karim Sadjadpour notes, in his "Nate Silvering the Iranian Elections":
Mindful of the fact that the graveyard of Middle East analysis is littered with the bones of those who tried to predict Iranian presidential election outcomes, bear with me as I try to Nate Silverzadeh the Iranian electoral field. Rather than attempt to gauge the will of the people, what follows is an attempt to gauge the election from Khamenei's eyes.
And two different pieces by Trita Parsi, in The New Statesman,  "Can the Iranian Regime Survive Yet More Political Cannibalism?," on the prospects of another 2009, and at The Globe and Mail, "Iran's election is neither free nor fair, but its outcome matters," emphasizing the foreign policy implications.

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