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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Satire Hits Critical Mass: Jon Stewart on Bassem Youssef's Show

Some things demand posting even on weekends. American comedian and political satirist Jon Stewart and Egyptian comedian and political satirist Bassem Youssef have become friends, and Youssef has appeared on Stewart's show (American media keep calling him "the Jon Stewart of Egypt" and now Egyptian media, at least the non-government kind, are returning and reversing the compliment); yesterday Stewart, who's working on a movie in Jordan and dropped in on Cairo, appeared on Youssef's Al-Bernameg (his inventively titled "The Program"). Except for the introduction (Stewart's introduced as "one of the world's most famous spies"),  it's almost all in English and needs no commentary, though Stewart uses some colloquial Arabic, and those who know Egypt may enjoy the jokes about food at the end. But it's a great interaction of two complementary wits. Stewart's growing a beard, and  makes the obligatory Ikhwan joke.


David Mack said...

It would be hard to quantify the importance of humor to Egypt's quality of life, but it is probably higher in percentage terms than in any other country. It makes a hard life bearable, sometimes even fun.

Al Moxtar said...

I'm missing my principal source of American news and commentary :D Although Jon Oliver is doing a stellar job.

Dar said...

Two leftist idiots.

The audience are likely Westernized kids, they don't represent Egypt.