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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Annual Conference Over

Well the Annual Conference is over. Soon podcasts, and eventually transcripts and video, will be available. I think rather than try to paraphrase some of the more interesting presentations I'd rather post them to the blog and let you sample them yourselves. They'll all be appearing over at mei.edu, but I'll link to the most interesting here.

Tomorrow's veteran's day and a holiday in the US so I'm not sure if I'll post much, though I might try to catch up a little. Have to do that with the real work, too.


jmeasor said...

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to know if MEI will be using iTunes to post the conference (and other) materials.

I enjoyed using their feed and the portability it allowed, but the feed hasn't worked since the relaunch of the MEI website.

Thanks in advance.


Michael Collins Dunn said...

John: I don't know but will forward the question to the appropriate people. The new website should have things and there's a YouTube channel, but don't know about ITunes.