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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catching Up: Lebanon's New Cabinet

While I was hors de combat with our Annual Conference, the Middle East went right ahead with its usual production of more events than it is able to consume locally. The June (remember June?) elections in Lebanon finally produced a Cabinet, and it only took till November. Since today's a holiday (and I'm late to the game anyway, having been at the Conference), I'm going to let other folks handle most of the coverage. There's thoughtful analysis at Qifa Nabki, (and read the comments to his post as well), with more doubtless to come. There's a lot available on The Daily Star's Lebanon pages, as well as their editorial pages. I'll let them comment on the Phalangist (Kata'ib) threat to boycott. And if they're too pro-Western for you, here's Hizbullah's Lebanon section.

The only other comment I'll make just now is to repost a brief exchange in the comments section of my earlier post on Lebanon:
JR said...

What does it say about the new Lebanese Govt that the Ministry of Justice is in the hands of Samir Geagea's party?

Michael Collins Dunn said...


Well, Geagea's personally quite familiar with the country's justice system, from the inside.

When they sent Samir Geagea to prison some years back (charged with burning a church of all things), a Lebanon-watcher of my acquaintance remarked that of all the things Geagea was guilty of, it was ironic that he served time for one thing of which he was probably innocent. (Or maybe "not guilty." I'm not sure "innocent" applies to any of the warlords of the civil war era.)

That's it for now.

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