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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More on Saudi Arms Cache

Much more is appearing in the Saudi press on the arms cache found outside Riyadh. The newspaper Al-Riyadh has had quite a bit; there's a lot less available in English, so the links are in Arabic, though yesterday's post linked to an Arab News piece. Here's an article showing pictures of the arms, books, CDs, etc. captured. Besides the aforementioned AKs and magazines, there are a number of rocket propelled grenades there too. Here's a piece about the place where the arms were found. "From Hunting Birds to Hunting Terrorists": it's also known for getting rain in winter. Other articles with photos here.

Also of note is a GAO report dated September 24 but just called to my attention by one of my readers, on Saudi progress in countering terrorist financing in the Kingdom. Summary here and full report in PDF here.

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