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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't Miss This

Don't miss Qifa Nabki's halloween posting.

I knew Walid Jumblatt reminded me of someone.

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Ahrar said...

I wasn't able to find your email address, so I am posting this as a comment:

I've been following your blog and your excellent coverage of political developments in Iraq. If you have not heard already, Ayad Jamal Aldin launched a new political party yesterday called Ahrar.

Violence and corruption have become the way of life under the current government. We must create a new way forward, which will provide security, basic services, and a trustworthy government for all Iraqis. The Ahrar Party and it's leader Ayad Jamal Aldin are providing a clear plan that will get us there.

I thought you might be interested in covering the launch of this party on your blog. If you would like information, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to provide it: press@ahrarparty.com

You can also find footage of the party launch here: http://ahrarparty.com/en/media/video/4-arabic/74-ahrar-party-launches.html