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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bad Football Nastiness

Lots of stuff on the Egyptian and Algerian blogs and media tonight, much of it wild rumor. A last pre-bedtime post: some post-game violence in Cairo with a number on both sides injured seems to be true, but apparently an Algerian tabloid briefly claimed some Algerians had been killed (not, seemingly, true) and several Egyptian sites in Algeria were attacked; one report says the EgyptAir office was burned or otherwise damaged; Egyptian workers were reported attacked; the Egyptian Embassy had to be surrounded by Algerian security forces. Much of this is probably as exaggerated as the first reports of deaths.

Also an Egyptian blogger was found beaten after the match. That's odd. Do Algerian fans know Egyptian bloggers by sight? Or did somebody in State Security see an opportunity?

It's only a game ... It's only a game ... Aren't there more serious issues in the Middle East? Panem et circenses.

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