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Monday, November 2, 2009

Shameless Book Plug

A new Handbook on US-Middle East Relations from Routledge, edited by Robert Looney. If you check the link you'll note that chapter 22, on Egypt-US relations, is by, well, me. So this is just a shameless self-plug.

I had no idea the cover price would be so high. (Wasn't reflected in the honorarium. I guess they figure they make up for it by giving me a copy of the book.) (But then I shouldn't talk. The Middle East Journal doesn't pay for articles at all.) So this is mostly for libraries I suppose, rather than the average blog reader (whoever you are). And they're shrewd enough to put a link on their website for recommending it to your library. But it does seem pretty comprehensive (36 rather substantive chapters) and a lot of good people are represented. I haven't had time to read the other chapters, but was impressed by the table of contents when I first saw it earlier in the project. Bob Looney put together a pretty good team, I think. (No personal bias involved, of course.)

So excuse the self-promotion. Heck, I've been so busy with editing and blogging and family, I haven't published much of my own in the last few years, so I figured I'd note it when I did.

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