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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Egypt 2-0 Over Algeria But Playoff Needed

Just checking in over the weekend to note that the Egypt-Algeria match that has produced so much sound and fury ended with an Egypt 2-0 victory, but that only forces a playoff in Khartoum on November 18. So it's not over yet.


For the non-Arabists out there, "Ya Misr Umm al-Dunya," which gets said quite a number of times by the broadcast commentator, means "Oh Egypt, mother of the world," and is a common saying often used to refer to both Egypt and Cairo. I doubt if this was an Algerian play-by-play guy. And "Ya Salam!" is actually most of the rest of his commentary. (Well, not all: the last lines are about Egypt wanting the World Cup. They've got a long way to go, I gather.)

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Alaa said...

Way to go Egypt :)
Thanks for the updates MEI