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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A New Issue of Arab Reform Bulletin

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's Arab Reform Bulletin is always a fine collection of essays on democratization and related issues in the Arab world, and there's a new issue up with a wealth of interesting stuff: Iraq's electoral law, Muslim Brotherhood troubles (post in preparation here on that, soon I hope), post-Jihadism (by Omar Ashour, who's very good at it and I also plan to post on the wave of "post-Jihadi" discussions lately, perhaps as early as tomorrow); and a lot more.

Page for accessing individual articles in HTML is here; and since they translate every issue, the Arabic equivalent is here; for those who prefer to read the whole thing in PDF or download a copy, the English is here; I can't yet find the link for an Arabic PDF. [Okay: it's there now.]

I think I've mentioned previously that the fact that Arab Reform Bulletin is edited by Michele Dunne and The Middle East Journal is edited by Michael Dunn (me) has led to one or two misdirected phone calls (plus we both do Egypt), but I should perhaps note that sometimes Arabic citations (especially in former French Mandates or colonies where "Michael" tends to be read as "Michel"), are even stranger since sometimes they transliterate our names exactly alike in Arabic. I always have to look at the verb to see if it's feminine or masculine.

They usually are quoting Michele, of course. I haven't read the new issue yet but it's usually worth everyone's time.

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