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Monday, November 2, 2009

Why To Hate Mondays

Most of us aren't great fans of Mondays, back to work after a weekend and all that, but this one seems to be full of grim news:
Not the best way to start the week.


JR said...

Is it the USA's caving on the settlements or the Palestinians' criticism of the caving that's not the step forward?

Hard to be an honest broker when you're in the pocket of one side in the dispute.

David Mack said...

As Secy Clinton corrected herself today in Marrakesh, Obama Administration continues to view Israeli settlement activity as not legitimate. That, she indicated, does not mean that Israeli refusal to freeze settlement activity should preclude resumption of negotiations. She is factually correct, but Netanyahu has out maneuvered both the Obama Administration and Mahmoud Abbas in terms of perceptions. Bibi is masterful at maneuvering, but unless he thinks Israel does not need peace with Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world, he shares long range problems both with the U.S. and with the Palestinians.