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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kind Words About the Blog: New Sidebar for Good Reviews

As I noted in passing earlier, Marc Lynch was kind enough to use the word "wonderful" about this blog today, and as someone who's in his first year of blogging (though white of beard and long of tooth), kind words from a veteran like Abu Aardvark are like praise from a Jedi Master (and I don't mean Walid Bek, or even the hero of the Iranian opposition, Obi-Wan Karroubi), and I'm also grateful for the equally kind words many others have used in linking to me. I've started a little "Kind Words from Others" over in the sidebar, for those who may be coming to the blog for the first time and wondering about its bona fides. Thank you for the friendly comments. It's on the right sidebar below the feed and Twitter buttons and above the links, blogroll, archives and categories. I may move it around if that doesn't work. And I may change the title (does it sound too much like Blanche DuBois?).

(Modestly clears throat.) I can make room for more if need be.


LJ Marczak said...

It's not the time logged posting but the contents of the comments posted.

Thoughtful background pieces, insights into news items, reporting news missed by the mainstream media, and even the occasional op ed on the state of the Egyptian hotel industry.

The praise is well deserved.

As they say a little further East in Asia "The old horse knows the way".

Anonymous said...

Of course he would. Half of your posts are links to his own.