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Monday, November 9, 2009

Lebanon: Really on the Verge This Time, Maybe.

Since I'm going into Annual Conference Mode, and so much has been happening, a few quick links and comments on the key subjects is all I'm likely to manage. First, Lebanon.

The Lebanese media are in general agreement that the basic deal in Lebanon has been reached; it will be a 15-10- 5 split in which the 30 Cabinet seats will be 15 from March 14, 10 from the Opposition, and five appointed directly by the President. There are reportedly still some hitches, mostly in the distribution of Christian seats within March 14.

And Hizbullah not only seems on board, they're even claiming credit for the deal.

Yes, the elections were in June. Yes, it's November.


JR said...

What does it say about the new Lebanese Govt that the Ministry of Justice is in the hands of Samir Geagea's party?

Michael Collins Dunn said...


Well, Geagea's personally quite familiar with the country's justice system, from the inside.